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Klikli Stormcrow, the Venerable Council of Seers

Spellbender Library

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Phoenix Square, Bes Pelargic


This is a small not-for-profit library for the benefit of the Order members and other wizards. Its purpose is to allow those wizards who are under time pressure or/and have recently died to get all their spells back (apart from gym spells) fairly fast. The library depends on scrolls to be re-scribed and re-sold to it, otherwise it will cease to exist. So, if you enjoy the convenience of getting all your spells in one place - please ensure that it lasts.

Senior Librarian: Opal Fairfax 

Location 28, Elysien Lane ~ Bes Pelargic

Student Alert!

Nothing can ever replace joys of the research visit into the depth of wizard libraries, and students caught on this premises will be blacklisted immediately (no excuses accepted, you have to learn to navigate real libraries).

Attention Non-Wizards!
You will not be able to enter this shop, as the description will tell you that it is closed. This is for your own protection from the thaumatic energies within it.

How to use The Spellbender Library
Please buy the scroll containing the spell you need to remember, remember it from scroll, re-scribe the spell into paper, and sell back to the shop for the same price and in the same category. Your royalties will expire in 7 days after the scroll was approved by one of the Librarians. There is paper, in case you eat yours by habit, and quills if you don't have one on you in scribing supplies (you can sell back your quill as well).

IMPORTANT! The Seers want this Library to last. Hence, if you were spotted buying out scrolls without replacing them - you will be blacklisted, thus barring your access to the library for the rest of its existence. No appeals, no exceptions. Spells, which are not replaced consistently, will go up in price to make it worthwhile moneywise for wizards to sell them back. Failure to re-scribe the spell affects all, so please make sure to re-scribe and re-sell everything you buy here.

The Spellcheck Project provides information on success rate in casting spells as well as basic spell information: While you are here, why not run a full spellcheck of your spells and submit a log to Gaelen? Sekiri's website provides details into the workings of some spells, although it might be somewhat outdated:

Gym Spells
As you see, gym spells are not stored in the library. You can't possibly be that lazy. Everything is just one portal away anyhow.

Safety Guidelines
It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient ma.sp.sp bonus and scroll bonus to handle scrolls (over 300 is recommended). Remembering from scrolls is much more difficult that remembering from book, and many a spell will try to escape - which can be fatal for students (another reason we don't want them here). If you spot a loose spell in the Library - it might be safer to leave premises and report it to one of the Librarians. Never attack a loose Spell.

Example of Spellbender Day-to-day stock:

Books on Magic, Lore, Wizardry: 6 different items for sale.
What you always wanted to know about wizards, but were afraid to ask
This shelve is for books on lore and wizardry. If you are an author, the library will stock your books at your selling price with no profit for the library
itself. Please sell maximum of 4 copies per one book at a price which seems appropriate to you.

If you are not the author, but have few old books on magic which you would be glad to part with - please sell them into this category under a price which seems appropriate to you. The library will try to find a new home for them.
If you are just planning to buy your first book on magic here, we'd like to let you know that if you don't like it - you can also sell it back, and the same price you bought it from us. But if you like your new books, you can of course keep them (unlike scrolls, which we politely ask you to re-scribe and return to shelves)

aa) Sekiri's TheAges of Wizardry Vol2 (Agatean;signed) for 20Rh; one left.
ar) Kly's HowToBe InferiorWizard (signed 2ed. Agatean) for 20Rh; one left.
bn) Sekiri's TheAges of Wizardry Vol1 (Agatean,signed) for 20Rh; one left.
ck) Sekiri's TheAges of Wizardry Vol1 (Morpork,signed) for 20Rh; one left.
ct) Kly's HowToBe InferiorWizard (signed 2ed. Morpork) for 20Rh; one left.
cz) Sekiri's TheAges of Wizardry Vol2 (Morpork;signed) for 20Rh; one left.

Useful Misc. Spells: 11 different items for sale.
am) YEE (Extra Limbs) for 5Rh; two left.
aw) RPS (Power Storage) for 5Rh; two left.
bh) BEP (Permanent Extra Arm) for 5Rh; two left.
bm) CTS (Reverse Scry) for 5Rh; two left.
bo) FNP (Luggage Cloud) for 5Rh; two left.
cc) FFM (Mirror Scry) for 5Rh; two left.
ch) NHA (Grabbing Hands) for 5Rh; two left.
cj) JMC (Make Talker) for 5Rh; two left.
cr) GFR (Weight Reducer) for 5Rh; two left.
cv) MWLC (Blue Light) for 5Rh; two left.
db) DTLD (Anti-Light) for 5Rh; two left.

Offensive Spells: 21 different items for sale.
Excluding DKDD (Demon) and JHSD (Dragon) cause washing your blood off the walls is no fun.
ac) KOF (Fire Bunnies) for 5Rh; two left.
ae) FFOD (Orbit Disruptor) for 5Rh; two left.
ai) GON (Stinking Cloud) for 5Rh; two left.
at) JHSD (Storm Dragon) for 5Rh; two left.
au) PFG (Pragi) for 5Rh; two left.
av) OBBK (Brass Knuckles) for 5Rh; two left.
ay) VHSC (Skin Condition) for 5Rh; two left.
ba) SSE (Earthquake) for 5Rh; two left.
bc) REAP (Cravings) for 5Rh; two left.
bi) EHA (Sonic Assault) for 5Rh; two left.
bk) WBPS (Spleen Runner) for 5Rh; two left.
br) WGS (Life Leech) for 5Rh; two left.
bu) PLG (Distance Fireball) for 5Rh; two left.
bx) MMM (Mirage) for 5Rh; two left.
cb) NES (Spear) for 5Rh; two left.
cf) DKDD (Demon) for 5Rh; two left.
ci) WWW (Rubber Weapon) for 5Rh; two left.
cn) NMD (Acid Mist) for 5Rh; two left.
cu) CEIB (Firecracker Butterfly) for 5Rh; two left.
cx) MVS (Seizure) for 5Rh; two left.
dc) SMR (Frog Spell) for 5Rh; two left.

Toy Spells: 10 different items for sale.
Illusions, Cabbages, Fireworks, Food and other prank ideas.
ag) MMD (Mask of Death) for 5Rh; two left.
aq) PPP (Magic Consider) for 5Rh; two left.
bf) CBB (Aura) for 5Rh; two left.
bp) DDD (Doom Finger) for 5Rh; two left.
bv) TIG (Illusion) for 5Rh; two left.
bz) WMS (Create Food) for 5Rh; two left.
cg) BAF (Fireworks) for 5Rh; two left.
cm) BOA (Cabbage) for 5Rh; two left.
cw) PTQWB (Weather Butterfly) for 5Rh; two left.
da) AIW (Sky Writer) for 5Rh; two left.

Defensive Spells Shelve: 7 different items for sale.
All mature defensive magic of wizards.
ad) CCC (Troll Skin) for 5Rh; two left.
ak) KPP (Anti-Scry Room) for 5Rh; two left.
as) SSS (Imp Ward) for 5Rh; two left.
bj) GRG (Skeleton Guard) for 5Rh; two left.
bl) TPA (Ash Shield) for 5Rh; two left.
cq) EFF (Floating Shield) for 5Rh; two left.
cy) HEB (Elemental Buffer) for 5Rh; two left.

Artifacts Spells (Misc): 7 different items for sale.
Silver Stars' bread and butter.
ab) MGAGT (High Enchant) for 5Rh; two left.
aj) OTF (Magic Funnel, required for BHEE) for 5Rh; two left.
az) TDCF (Zodiac Charm) for 5Rh; two left.
bb) CFD (Recharging Test) for 5Rh; two left.
be) BHEE (Low Enchant) for 5Rh; two left.
bs) CMS (Magic Sparkle) for 5Rh; two left.
dd) FCI (Artifact and Charge Identification) for 5Rh; two left.

Information Leaflets: 3 different items for sale.
Please read these shop guidelines.
bw) Agatean Information Leaflet for 9999Rh; one left.
ce) Djelian Information Leaflet for 9999Rh; one left.
cl) Morporkian Information Leaflet for 9999Rh; one left.

Scribing Supplies: 2 different items for sale.
Ate your paper by mistake? Buy your papers and quills here.
ax) Quill (buy and sell back) for 1Rh 12s; one left.
co) Sheet of Paper for 12s; two left.

Library Blorps: 1 different item for sale.
If you are in a hurry, have a handy library blorp ready.
ac) The Spellbender Library blorp for 5Rh; four left.

Fireplace, Coffee Table, two Wizard's Nap Chairs