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Klikli Stormcrow, the Venerable Council of Seers


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Votremere wisped: Is there a way to locate another player?
KliKli wisped: FFM
Coffeebreak wisped: Ask the player?
Wysglow wisped: ffm can
Votremere wisped: Can someone tell me where exactly I am, then?


KliKli wisped: I need anti-scry stuff.... but I think there's no protection against the scry chamber, is that correct?

WeiQi wisped: portal to the chamber and pragi? :)

(Wizards) Exun wisps: I'm a wizard. I don't work.
(Wizards) Muad wisps: Good man. We trained you well.
Romanov asks you: ahoy! we are doing a poll, could you tell us how old you are?
You ask Romanov: what kinda poll is it?
Romanov tells you: it is a poll to satisfy romanov's insatiable curiousity ;/

Robust Kith warmly says: Aha! "Property of Gahers". Now all i have to do is make him write me into his last will.
(Wizards) Fewyn wisps that he thinks PFG is tming very well lately
(Wizards) Flintor wisps that he thinks this was metioned earlier
(Wizards) KliKli wisps that she thinks that Devon should never know
(Wizards) Fewyn wisps: I agree... or we shall se the downgrape stick again.
(Wizards) Ogonek wisps: Stick? It's a branch, with lovely bunches of downgrapes.
(Wizards) Verin wisps: yes, lots of grapes, that we so lovingly ferment into whine, lots and lots of whine

(Wizards) Marka wisps: Is there a spell that makes money?

(Wizards) Arcane wisps: I am at Drum.
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: Is there anything interesting in Drum?
(Wizards) Arcane wisps: me

(Wizards) Klikli wisps that she re-sets the speed dials on her boss' phone to Hot Hot Hotlines
(Wizards) Mahamed wisps: so they all go to your desk?

(Wizards) Lightbulb wisps: i found a rock with "UU" written on it in softly glowing letters, that a blorple?
(Wizards) Gaelen wisps: could be
(Wizards) Gaelen wisps: it could also just be a rock with UU written on it

(Wizards) Seth wisps: Night guys, i'm pished as a priest of pishe on st pishe night.

(Wizards) Vortex wisps: umm, anyone know poatai?
(Wizards) Vortex wisps: because I just misportalled to him on the bottom of a river

Lidia the Archangel exclaims to you: i don't netsex either.... its ruins the keyboard!

(Wizards) Rizard wisps: how do i know where the distortions in the library are again?
(Wizards) Aznin wisps: "look" works for me.

(Wizards) Tuan wisps: I've wondered if the Seers ever scried everybody and pooled information, they would have one of the most complete descriptions of the Disc worldwide.
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: Great... you just made me more paranoid.

(Wizards) Taido wisps: nah, all wizards are bastards
(Wizards) Taido wisps: oops
(Wizards) Taido wisps: mischat
(Wizards) Taido wisps: hello all

(playtesters) Klikli wisps: now I have to hold on to the laptop with my hands - Atuin is sooo fast!
(playtesters) Alwin wisps: Zoom zoom zoom!
(playtesters) Beatrice wisps: all the better for us to die faster :P
(playtesters) Alwin wisps: Zoom zoom Aaargh!

(Wizards) Badgerhair wisps: Does JHSD stand for Just Have Sined Do it?

<P class=quote-caption>(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Venerable Council of Seers. The only order without a Wizards List but with a Sex Offenders Register.

You ask Rhodan Winterblossom: where would you like to go to in Belgium?
Rhodan Winterblossom tells you: my room
You ask Rhodan Winterblossom: and outside Belgium?
Rhodan Winterblossom tells you: your room

(Wizards) Klikli wisps: I often wonder whether Lidia is Mythica's alt ...
(Wizards) Lidia wisps: who is Mythica?
(Wizards) Arcane wisps: your alt

(Taxi Aug 26 16:46) Klikli: wow.... look at this! the manners are back! Laurent du Valon asks you: Pardon me, fair maiden! Could you spare a few moments to transport a humble musketeer from Ohulan-Cutash to Bes Pelargic?
(Taxi Aug 26 16:47) Bungee: That's like a TM, it means your next three customers will be "taxi drum djb"

(Playtesters) Cyzaki wisps: What's this TAP TAP TAPPITY TAP?
(Playtesters) Kiki wisps: Taffyd typing.

(Wizards) Wiliam wisps: can anyone tell me what all those wands in the emporium do? or does anyone ver buy them?
(Wizards) Penguin wisps: finger sekiri, look on his site
(Wizards) Belairk wisps: Yeah, Sekiris's page is still very good for artefacts
(Wizards) Verin wisps: likely because his page _is_ an artefact ;p

(Wizards) Gaelen wisps: what kind of books [sells Spellbender Library]?
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: written by wizards
(Wizards) Mallaggar wisps: Something like: "101 ways to kill yourself with NES"?
(Wizards) Gaelen wisps: 1 way to kill yourself with JHSD

(Wizards) Intaar wisps: do i have to walk back to AM for the spell?
(Wizards) Intaar wisps: or can someone send it like a fax?

*The secret dream of the Last Order wizard revealed through a slip of a tongue:
(Taxi) Gridlock: There's a permit for sale in a playerkiller shop for $25
(Taxi) Gridlock: I mean player shop :P

(Wizards) Emrys wisps: ah the old adage, "It is not wise to anger a wizard for you may not like the taste of flies."
(Wizards) Xaoshu wisps: meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup
(Wizards) DeX wisps: It is not wise to anger DeX, for you may not like the taste of forbidden manlove.

(Wizards) Shagworthy wisps: Anyone know where I can find a copy of the
(Wizards) Aznin wisps: Well, it's a very common article, you know.

(Wizards) Romez wisps: I'm bored. Anyone want to play minesweeper on MSN?
(Wizards) Romez wisps: FINE then. I'll play with myself :(
(Wizards) Aikanaro wisps: That can turn you blind, you know.

(Wizards) Thalic wisps: What's your strength, tempus?
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: My good looks and charm

Sans asks you: Could you invite me to Tshop Spotters, please?
Sans tells you: When you're conscious, I mean. :P

(Wizards) Wizzy wisps: how do I get smater.
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: By adding an r, to start with.

(Wizards) Spock wisps: so there is a big conspiracy between devon, sined and sojan?
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: no, just a lot of spanking

(Wizards) Shimmer wisps: Does anyone collect gold rings?
(Wizards) Coffeebreak wisps: My precious!

(Wizards) Klikli wisps: some players are always in search of new exciting and exotic ways to die
(Wizards) ZigZag wisped: We call them "playtesters"

(Wizards) Rizard wisps: "Unable to find any of the carrot", any way to improve the chances of finding carrots?
(Wizards) Gaelen wisps: become a rabbit

(Wizards) Shardik wisps: why isn't there a command "piss on myself"... i need to get wet to cast fnp.... too lazy to go the bathhouse all the time ;-)

(Wizards) Gahers wisps: I have forgotten what the login aliases are called, can someone enlighten me?
(Wizards) Mallaggar wisps: .login
(Wizards) Gahers wisps: Thanks Mallaggar, i found it at the end of the very very long alias helpfile :)
(Wizards) Aznin wisps: That's good reading, though, that file.
(Wizards) Aznin wisps: Especially if you have trouble sleeping.

(Wizards) Bligjo wisps: test
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: Failed.

(Wizards) Bligjo wisps: are you a talker?</P>

Rhodan tells you: Would 'Absinth' be a good name? It kind refers to their treacherous biochemistry and is funny.
You tell Rhodan: hehe, you are form belgium, right? too close to France:)
Rhodan tells you: Blah, the only thing good that ever came from France was me, when I came back from a trip to France.</P>

<P>(Wizards) Losh wisps: Anyone want to buy a pair of fake boobs?

(Wizards) Losh wisps: I'm just kidding, I just wanted to see who's a weirdo.

(Wizards) Aikanaro wisps: But we're all weird.

(Wizards) Aikanaro wisps: Do you have any pickled dog nipples?</P>

<P>(Wizards) Buurzai wisps: my plan is to learn from my mistakes so far:

(Wizards) Buurzai wisps: i will not kill student wizards,

(Wizards) Coffeebreak wisps: They kill themselves, no problem.</P>

<P>(Wizards) Sekiri wisped: It's the new surprise attack version.

(Wizards) Sekiri wisped: P.s. Surprise!

(Wizards) Spock wisped: i don't trust sekiri when he says surprise

(Wizards) Klikli wisped: I don't like when Sekiri says surprise.

(Wizards) DeX wisped: I dont like Sekiri.</P>

<P>a long period of suspisious silence on the talker (does not happen often with wizards)...

(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: You're all plotting against me, aren't you.</P>

<P>(Wizards) Thibbum wisps: What command do I need to leave the library in BP?

(Wizards) Mallaggar wisps: Heatstroke?</P>

<P>Chiller whispers to an astonished chicken.

Chiller grins.

The astonished chicken peers strangely at Chiller. [I dont even want to know what that was about]</P>

<DIV>(Wizards) Whitecap wisps: A velvety lioness is spread out on the ground.,,RRrarrr

(Wizards) Whitecap wisps: The impeccably groomed lioness rolls over onto her back and bats languidly at the air with broad, black-padded paws.

(Wizards) Seth wisps: Whitecap, I'm sure whatever you are leading to will be deemed illegal :p</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Gridlock wisps: How come more wizards aren't fighting unarmed? It seems in the books that a kick in the groin is a typical wizardly way of fighting

(Wizards) Vire wisps: Thats what you get for being a seamstress.</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Seth wisps: It was the food that attrated me.

(Wizards) Seth wisps: and Tempus of course ;) you can mostly blame Tempus :p

(Wizards) Tempus wisps: oi! blame me for what?

(Wizards) Harkle wisps: Everything? Seems the safest thing to me ;)</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Some in Porkchops...

(Wizards) Tempus wisps: next to the free to use smithy

(Wizards) Seth wisps: allthough smithy isn't very happy about it :p</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Vire wisps: Speaking of can't spell, where are my pants.</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Costadel wisps: can anyone tell me how to get to UU from the mended drum, exactly

(Wizards) Valeriana wisps: Left foot...Right foot</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Ragnel wisped: Everyone! Please, join me in welcoming Bentley to the Wizards' Guild.

(Wizards) Valeriana wisped: Sorry, but, that sounds like a car just joined. :P</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Klikli wisped: still with us then

(Wizards) DeX wisped: Who, me?

(Wizards) Vire wisped: No, the other me.

(Wizards) DeX wisped: You mean you? :-P

(Wizards) Vire wisped: No, the OTHER me.

(Wizards) Seth wisped: him?

(Wizards) DeX wisped: God, Vire, how many of you are there?

(Wizards) Fusion wisped: a few from the looks of things :P

(Wizards) DeX wisped: Have you been playing with the cloning device again?

(Wizards) Vire wisped: No, my parents were though.</DIV>



<DIV>(Wizards) Tellheim wisped: I leave am, i walk, i walk, and i end up in am again! is there a particular reason for that?

(Wizards) Losh wisped: Yes.

(Wizards) Keeth wisped: All roads lead to Ankh-Morpork.</DIV>


(Wizards) Rthor wisps: i saw the message "&gt; A black mineral pebble and two white mineral pebbles teleport into the marketplace."

(Wizards) Skaven wisps: that was my pants breaking

(Wizards) Xorphitus wisps: erm.. now this IS odd

(Wizards) Skaven wisps: I had pebbles in my pants from long ago and when they broke the pebbles fell into the marketplace</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Elanor wisps: oooh. I found a shortcut to UU in Creel Springs

(Wizards) Mallaggar wisps: cast jpct on gold ring? :D</DIV>


<DIV>(Wizards) Sined wisps: ok .... I'm in a misportal phase

(Wizards) Kilstrin wisps: me too

(Wizards) Faux wisps that she idles harder.

(Wizards) Mallaggar wisps: There are other phases beside that one? 0.0
(Wizards) Chiller wisps: there's also the backfire phase

(Wizards) Juju wisps: if anyone has NES and will scribe, i'll pay thanks :)
(Wizards) Vasp wisps: oh i need it too! so if anyone scribes it to me, juju will pay!

Silvadem asks with a Lancrastian accent: are you part of the steamstresses?
I could only wonder what was meant by that one.

You ask Nocturius: I am thinking about deluding my chubby pig to Coffeebreak, what do you think?
Nocturius tells you: There's already a chubby pig called Coffeebreak, you have to choose another name, sorry.

(Wizards) EmrYs wisps: my gf is asleep on my shoulder
(Wizards) Arcane wisps: she must be small
(Wizards) EmrYs wisps: she is tiny
(Wizards) Arcane wisps: imaginary?

(Wizards) Klikli wisped that she was tempted to repeat Dex's quote about forbidden man love
(Wizards) Dement wisped: Man love shouldn't be forbidden!
(Wizards) Klikli wisped: you should idea it when you have a free minute :)
(Wizards) Sined wisped: buy it
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: man love?
(Wizards) Dement wisps: I got plenty, thanks
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisps: eh?
(Wizards) Klikli wisps that she cackles
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisps: burn the witch!
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: I cackle without glee mind you
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: I sold it for some man love
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisps: sorry knee jerk reaction
Dement grins at you.
Next thing you know, it all goes on Dement's finger.

Note #12 by Michi at Mar 1 01:10:44 2006 on board flame
Disc Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Upgrape
Disc Wars: Episode 2: Attack of the Crashes
Disc Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of LAG

Note #13 by Waterfall at Wed Mar 1 02:08:12 2006 on board flame
Disc Wars: Episode 4: A New Server
Disc Wars: Episode 5: The Crashes Strike Back
Disc Wars: Episode 6: Return of the Trustee

Things which at various points were in Klikli's finger or refer:

Jathle asks you: No undercrackers?

Paladine Skyblade tells you: Popular you have become, strong in the darkside they are.

Gahers Stormcrow says: Help me Okli Wan Kenokli, you're my only hope.

Someone exclaims with a Bes Pelargic accent: You will be assimilated, undressed and used as a toy by creatordom!
Someone says: and this time, we're not even going to pay you.

"You shouldn't treat people like they was *characters*, like they was *things*. But if you *do*, you've got to know when the story ends."

You could have sworn that Just Ask Gnillot in the Darrke's whining playerkiller just boasted about the size of his wang at you.