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Klikli Stormcrow, the Venerable Council of Seers


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Here's the scoop...

Wizards Channel Revelations

In this column I'll post any long logs from the wizards channel.
Do you think PK life is boring? Then why not idea today what wizards cooked up for PKs to make it more exciting!
(Wizards) Anton wisps: while we're at it, NPKs shouldn't be able to heal PKs.
(Wizards) Zube wisps: the burdens i bear :)
(Wizards) Vire wisps: Yeah, or shield them.
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Or shield
(Wizards) Zube wisps: or trade
(Wizards) Anton wisps: or cabbage
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: Spear indoors damages you now.. afaik, i might have failed something else
(Wizards) Zube wisps: or talk or see
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Or speak
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: What about fondle?
(Wizards) Anton wisps: they should just make a separate disc for pks.
(Wizards) Zube wisps: fondling should be allowed
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: And it should be really small.
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: one room only
(Wizards) Zube wisps: 3 rooms max
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Perhaps fondling should be the only interaction?
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: and full of weapons
(Wizards) Zube wisps: and traps and unkillable NPC's
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: Even a rocket launcher!
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Weapons, but no liaisons
(Wizards) Athame wisps: no no, 2 rooms, so pks can scry the pks in the other room :P
(Wizards) Zube wisps: and very buggy
(Wizards) Anton wisps: and portal.
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: And the joining door is locked
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: misportal!
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: misportal to the third room
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: And it should reboot every 5 seconds
(Wizards) Zube wisps: with deep water
(Wizards) Athame wisps: ok, 3 rooms, one of the three in midair :P
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: And small ceilings
(Wizards) Anton wisps: a fourth underwater
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: and padded walls
(Wizards) Athame wisps: midair in deep water?
(Wizards) Anton wisps: hmmm... that could worfk
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: And it shouldn't have any wombles
(Wizards) Anton wisps: "You start to fly."
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: And only 1 chair.
(Wizards) Zube wisps: maybe a killer womble
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: and no breakfast
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: (with no seat)
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: And no xpu
(Wizards) Athame wisps: the assassins trap thinggie between the two rooms too
(Wizards) Anton wisps: "You flap your arms but your weight drags you down!"
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: xp even
(Wizards) Zube wisps that he laughs
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: only hp loss
(Wizards) Zube wisps: oh.. and the lag should be there.... always
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: But... to make up for only having one 1 room... they can have the crystal balls back
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: And pk deaths should count as real deaths
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: and you could buy new lifes in the air in between flapping your hands and falling down
(Wizards) Athame wisps: and they should all have to listen to replays of soxy going 'urrrrr'
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Hope someone is going to idea rep all this.
(Wizards) Zube wisps: that would mean one of the rooms would have to be a bank klikli
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: you pay for lifes with your clothes
(Wizards) Thalic wisps: Or with your organs
(Wizards) Klikli wisps: that would enhance fondling in the first two rooms
(Wizards) Athame wisps: but pishe doesnt think 3 buttons is much of a gift
(Wizards) Zube wisps: fantastic
(Wizards) Anton wisps: it's like strip-poker
(Wizards) Tempus wisps: Yes, organ music... is the only noise.

Just logs/long quotes

Here I'll include some of the juicier stuff I hear.
Wizards ... Always happy to offer advice on property matters.
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: Hrm, I got a another house, and now I'm not sure what to do with it :P
(Wizards) Seth wisps: You could open a club Sekiri.
(Wizards) Seth wisps: 'Sekiri's palace of love!'
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: Now why would I want to do that? :)
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: It seems to be in oposition to my death for all policy.
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: Hrm, I wonder if an art gallery would work.
(Wizards) DeX wisps: Sekiri's Palace of Art?
(Wizards) DeX wisps: It just doesnt have the same ring to it.
(Wizards) Seth wisps: and love
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: Let's stay away from calling it a Palace shall we. That's my other house :)
(Wizards) Seth wisps: 'Sekiri's emporium of artist talents'
(Wizards) Seth wisps: now with added nudity!
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: And death.
(Wizards) Seth wisps: nakid death.
(Wizards) DeX wisps: Nekkid...oh.
(Wizards) Sekiri wisps: I daresay some portraits of nekkid wizards might cause death, yes.
(Wizards) Seth wisps: 'Sekiri's house of rubber innovations'
(Wizards) Sekiri wisped: It's a crap house in a crap neighbourhood. I think I was drunk when I bid on it.
(Wizards) DeX wisped: Well, i suppose you could call it Sekiri's Drunken Mistake....
(Wizards) DeX wisped: but that would mean changing your kids name :-P
Wizards ... The taste is in the mouth of a muncher.
(Wizards) Klikli wisped that she considers switching to some other channels
(Wizards) Vire wisped that he double dares Klikli to stay.
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisped that he apologises to Klikli
(Wizards) Klikli wisped that she puts her index fingers into her ears
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisped that he hands klikli som candle wax
(Wizards) Losh wisped: Looking for treasure?
(Wizards) Coffeebreak wisped that he tickles Klikli.
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisped that he  hnds klikli belly lint from CB.
(Wizards) Coffeebreak wisped: Give it back! It's part of a collection!
(Wizards) Klikli wisped that she hums 'Can't hear anything, anything at all!'
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisped: in the words of Napolean Dynamite
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisped: geross
(Wizards) Losh wisped: Bellybutton fluff beats ear wax any time of the year.
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisped: ear wax tastes better
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisps: are you sure?
(Wizards) Umbrys wisps: I always thought the lint had better texture...
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisps that he  nods
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisps: heck yes, lint has no flavour...well, dried lint doesn't
(Wizards) Umbrys wisps: How about CB's lint collection after an hour in the gym then?
(Wizards) Vire wisps: Phwoah. Hot.
(Wizards) Spondcrouch wisps: and imagine there is a god of lint.
(Wizards) Fulgoris wisps that he  wonders how he get's in these conversations...
(Wizards) Coffeebreak wisps that he cuddles with his lint.
(Wizards) Coffeebreak wisps: Hey, stop peeking!
(Wizards) Vire wisps: Yeah, this isn't a totally hot peep show.