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Klikli Stormcrow, the Venerable Council of Seers

TLC (club for young wizards and tutors)
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TLC (club for young wizards and tutors)
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The Learning Channel

TLC is a wizards-only group focused on the teaching of students. Through the use of group discussions and lessons we educate our newbie members.

Every member of the wizards guild may join, provided (s)he has an interest in learning or sharing knowledge with relation to magic.

Wizards interested in becoming a tutor should be self-confident enough to help newbie members in tells and educate them in lessons such as a master would with their apprentice. If you wish the title of a Tutor for Liberal Studies please send a mudmail to the Dean of Liberal Studies.

To join TLC type 'refer tlc' once in game for the list of recruiters, and send a tell to one of them asking to recruit you into the club.