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Klikli Stormcrow, the Venerable Council of Seers

Faculty (club for all wizards)
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Faculty (club for all wizards)
TLC (club for young wizards and tutors)
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Faculty was founded by Griffin in Ankh-Morpork

 The Faculty

This is the club for all wizards of at least 10 days old. It tries to be the democratically organised Wizards Guild.

The Wibble Fund

Young wizards can get a scholarship from the Wibble Fund. Applications should be made using mud-mail to the members of the Wibble Board, copied to the Chancellor and the Dean of Liberal Studies. As a rule, the more RP is your application, the more money you get from the Wibble Fund.


Young wizards can get an apprenticeship with an experienced tutor to learn about magic. Applications should be made using mud-mail to the Dean of Liberal Studiees.

The Experimentation Team

The Team performs systematic experimentations with magic. For information, contact the Dean of Experimentation.

To join Faculty type 'refer faculty' once in game for the list of recruiters, and send a tell to one of them asking to recruit you into the club.


1. The Faculty is the organisation of and for all established wizards on the Disc, whatever their Order, guild Branch or status towards the University may be.

2. A wizard is considered an established and valid candidate after 10 days. Every 10 day old wizard has a right to be a member.

3. To avoid problems with the required quorum in voting, the Chancellor can issue a 'technical disbar' for members who have not been around in one month. Such members are entitled to join again as soon as they return.

4. To prevent serious disruption of the functioning of the club, the Chancellor and the Dean of Liberal Studies can temporarily disbar a member. Members of the Faculty will only be disbarred permanently by a collective vote. This instrument should be used with extreme care. We are Wizards: we do not organise witch hunts.

5. All members of the faculty can recruit for the club, provided that the potential member meets all requirements for becoming a faculty-wizard.

6. No rule shall be added to or changed in this Constitution without a club-wide vote.

7. The Faculty runs the Experimentation Team, the Apprentice Scheme, and the Wibble Fund Scholarships, and determines the Tariffs for Services Offered by Wizards. Minor changes in these schemes can be voted upon by the Committee only, but they can be over-ruled by a club-wide issue vote.

8. Unless ruled otherwise by a club-wide vote or a higher being, the Faculty will stay independent of any other political system. However, unless conflicts would arise from such a situation, any member of the Faculty or it's committee is free to hold positions in other institutions.